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Solve your pest problems with Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons approach to pest control!

As the Charlotte Region’s pest control experts, we take the necessary steps to ensure your environmental health by using the most advanced, highest quality materials and equipment to protect your family and the valuable investment in your home.

Call us today to schedule a FREE pest control inspection! Our technicians will discuss your pest concerns and provide a solution that is best suited for your home or business.


Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons approach is tailored to take advantage of our knowledge of insect breeding and activity changes from season-to-season and to stay ahead of pest challenges that occur year round during Charlotte’s constantly changing weather. Our program offers solutions for ants, cockroaches, crickets, flies, spiders, beetles, bees & wasps, biting insects and many more pests.

Truly Nolen Charlotte also offers additional seasonal services including mosquito control, termite control and bed bug remediation. Regardless of the season, Truly Nolen addresses changes in pest behaviors and activity levels of specific pests commonly found.

When you’re Truly protected you enjoy these benefits:

  • Consistency & Convenience: You’ll never have to worry as we protect your home with quarterly treatment schedule and a full 100% guarantee.
  • Innovative: We use the most advanced application methods and leading-edge material to target pest behavior and evolution.
  • Proactive: We don’t just respond to problems, we prevent them by impacting the insects’ reproductive cycle.
  • Detailed: Completing a full inspection at every visit, we communicate all our findings and action taken.
  • Environmentally friendly: Truly Nolen is committed to using, where possible organically-based materials and naturally occurring products which are safe for your family and pets
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We guarantee your satisfaction and back up our work 100%. We will return at no cost until you are fully satisfied.

Did you know?

  • Due to our construction methods and weather patterns, homes in Charlotte are particularly susceptible to pest entry
  • Even the cleanest homes and businesses can be impacted by pests; Truly Nolen service is a Sign of Good Housekeeping
  • Pests often hitchhike into your home on pets, luggage or other belongings, or simply in the grocery bag
  • Many people have an allergic reaction to the presence of pests and aren’t even aware of it
  • Pests can carry and spread numerous diseases in and around your home
  • Cockroaches have been shown to trigger asthma attacks and exacerbate symptoms of those with asthma

Truly Nolen Charlotte’s Four Seasons approach stands above the competition through its innovation, thoroughness and quality. This program gives you protection that is year round. Your comfort is always our top priority and we treat our customers as we would members of our own family. We’re not satisfied until you are.

Our technicians are ready to discuss your pest concerns and provide a solution that is best suited for your home or business. Contact us today to schedule a FREE pest control inspection!

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