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The Gift of Organization: Gift Wrapping Supplies

It wasn't until I had kids that I got smart about what I kept on hand for wrapping gifts. I no longer had the luxury of browsing stores for wrapping paper and ribbon whenever I felt like it or if I ran out. So, I set up a stash of gift wrap supplies and have honed it down to something manageable and easy.

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Here are a few of my own tips I'd like to share with you plus a few others from some women who know their way around gift wrap:

  • I keep my Christmas gift wrap totally separate since I change that wrap every year. I also prefer to store the Christmas wrap away with all of my decorations.
  • I don't have a lot of space and I don't spend much time wrapping gifts so I keep my stash of supplies limited. I don't keep any more than what can fit in a hanging storage bag in my closet.
  • My gift wrap supplies consist of four rolls of wrapping paper. Two of the rolls are for birthdays - one for kids and the other for adults. I keep another roll of very plain paper, like a beige or creme color, and I use that for occasions like Mother's Day or showers. And my last roll of paper might be something a little darker and more masculine.
  • I also keep at least a dozen gift bags of varying sizes and colors and several dozen sheets of tissue paper on hand. And rounding out my supplies are rolls of ribbon and tulle. I really like using tulle because it's very forgiving and makes any package look really festive.
  • The great part about keeping a small stash is that it's very easy to eyeball when I need more supplies.
  • I came across a blog that has a whole series on setting up a gift wrap arsenal. She says she uses Kraft paper for a lot of her gift wrap. She likes the neutral background and enjoys accessorizing with pretty gift tags she makes herself.
  • She also dresses up her Kraft paper packages by "cutting images from bags to collage on the gift or topping the box with a hand sewn flower and paper leaves." She is so creative and she always has beautiful, but inexpensive ideas for gift presentation.
  • Another log suggests picking a color scheme for your gift wrap and setting up your stash based on that, which sounds very fun. I like the idea of changing things up when you run out.She also shares some great tips for organizing your gift closet with things from around the house like old salad containers and empty cereal and pizza boxes, which saves you money for other things.
  • Both suggest keeping scraps of pretty paper in an envelope with your gift wrap. When you have the time, cut the scraps down to use as gift tags to dress up your packages. How's that for handy?

I hope this post helps you in your attempts to get organized.

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