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Organized Home for the Holidays

There is no place like home for the holidays! Nothing evokes the spirit of Christmas more than planning for the family gathering together for the holidays. While most of you may have the picture perfect holiday decorated home that is ready for a magazine photo-shoot, I can honestly say that I am not one of you.

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This is the time of year that some of us look around our home and start realizing that we have dirty carpets, a cluttered kitchen and a whole lot of cleaning up to do. Of course it doesn't help that the newspapers and magazines, this time of year, are full of ads with perfectly matched furniture, accessories and holiday decor all on sale. As I look around our house, I become dissatisfied quickly.

Last night my hubby and I pulled out our "gently used" (to say the least)Christmas ornaments. All of the sudden there was a knock on the door with a pleasant surprise. Three of the youngest grand children popped in for a visit. I am always thrilled when they come! Unfortunately last night my thoughts turned to I just cleaned my carpet, don't play with that ornament, it will break, eat in the kitchenetc.

Girlfriend get a grip! A holiday home is a welcoming home. This is a house that real people live in. I want our home to be warm and welcoming. While I truly admire the exquisite holiday decorator homes in the latest magazine cover, I do not want our family and friends to feel overly cautious that they are going to break something. For the life of me, looking back at past Christmas celebrations I do not think anyone remembers if our carpets we're clean or not.

One of my favorite memories of Christmas past was watching the children play with a little wooden manger scene we kept under the Christmas tree for them to enjoy. Really? That was me? Now, our manger scene is cautiously placed on the mantle to make sure it doesn't break.

Okaychange of plans! Today I decided the carpets don't need to be spot free and I am headed out tonight to buy a kid friendly manger scene! Yes, the noise level on Christmas day will be earth-shattering as we listen to the six grand kiddies try to out do the other one in who can sing the loudest (we have a lot of performances in our family). Thinking way back, my sister and I would do the same thing. So, guess they got the performing gene from their Nana :). These little precious children will be grown up before I know it. I have to appreciate every minute of their innocent childhood.

It's not about a perfect home, it's about a welcoming home. A perfect home can not be made by the perfectly decorated tree. A perfect home is the spirit of the home. It is something you can not make or buy. It comes from your heart. It is creating an atmosphere of love, happiness and joy.

So it's time to knock on the door of your heart and prepare your home to make each person who knocks on your front door feel welcomed.

That perfect welcome is the spirit of a holiday home. You can't buy it. You can't decorate it into existence. You can't hire someone to make it for you. You can't clean it, sew it or cook it into being.

The welcoming home springs from a room in our hearts, not a room in the house. So as you plan your holiday celebration, take an inventory of your heart like I did, it may be a time to make some changes in there instead of in your house.

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