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Be genuine and unique

In a recent post, I talked about how important it is for your public persona to be genuine and unique, so your readers believe you, follow you, and are most likely to be influenced by you. I'd like to continue on the path to effective content marketing and talk a little about segmentation and storytelling.

Understanding which channel and what message your consumers need is more important than ever. Segmentation helps you differentiate customers in your database so you can develop more relevant and impactful marketing tactics. Each layer adds the potential of an additional conversion rate and leads to a more successful marketing strategy with greater ROI (if you're measuring engagement). Not to mention greater insight.

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It is vital that I understand our clients markets and provide continuous digital outreach with new, potential, and existing prospects, while positioning our clients businesses as a trusted resource for their prospects.

We have all received long, rambling emails and e-newsletters, and know how easy it is to miss what the writer intended you to get. The key in writing for our clients is to position their business as an authority on all subjects related to their products and services, and to provide interesting and engaging stories that educate their customers and prospects and keep them coming back for more. In other words, keep them from deleting their emails without finishing them (call to action left hanging), opting out from your digital campaigns, and unsubscribing from your feeds (rejection hurts).

Its like being a social butterfly on steroids.

Youve heard the adage, people do business with people, not agencies. And knowing your customer has gone from knowing their demographic to knowing that customer as an individual.

When you build a system of engagement that does more than deliver promotions at the right time, but delivers value to an individual well, that's very different from old-school marketing.

As a lifecycle marketer, there is something really appealing to having real conversations with real people. Because marketing is now a two-way street and customers are involved and engaged and they're talking back.

Do you have a content strategy that works well for your business?

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