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Between a Rock and a Mad Woman Review

It's the story of Madeline Grace and Peter James Douglas, a pair of former lovers who are now running against one another for the governor seat in Massachusetts. Throughout the story, Madeline and Peter are forced to straddle a professional and personal line; one that brings private issues of the past into the forefront of the campaign.

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Before long, though, Madeline and Peter discover that one of their camps has a leak, and the press begins to delve into the personal lives of the candidates, even going so far as to reveal six-year-old medical records. Will Madeline and Peter come together to figure out who is attempting to sabotage Madeline's campaign before it's too late, or will Peter leave Madeline out to fight her own battle in an attempt to win the election?

Between a Rock and a Mad Woman is so different because it contains so much political strategy mixed in with the romance and mystery of the story line. It's not like anything you'd expect from a traditional publishing house, and I think that may be what I liked so much about it.

Queen laid the foundation of the story and allowed the reader to get to know the characters through the political strategizing. Once the reader began to care about the characters, Queen skillfully revealed layer after layer of the story, allowing the reader to speculate about the drama and the mystery on her own. During the second half of the book, the story really picks up and sucks the reader in even more.

Eventually, the story comes together with a few twists and leaves the reader feeling as if the story ends too soon. And I don't mean that in a bad way, as I really enjoyed the hero and the heroine in the story, and I just wanted to spend more time with them. They are both very real, very down-to-earth people and I enjoyed getting to know both Madeline and Peter.

Though I will say that, of course, the story wasn't perfect. I had a little trouble reconciling all of Peter's former career paths. For Peter to have been a successful member of the black ops, a successful DA and a successful enough politician to become governor of Massachusetts, I felt like he would have had to spend a lot of time in each position. I don't remember the story mentioning specifically how old he was, but I found myself wondering several times if he was older than the picture I had of him in my head.

Also, I didn't feel that everything was resolved cleanly and clearly. At the risk of revealing too much of the ending, I will say that I didn't quite understand why Sarah acted the way she did.

Finally, at times, the grammar and spelling mistakes we're a bit distracting, and sometimes characters names we're spelled differently throughout the story. ETA: As of 10/25/2011, Queen has resolved some of these errors.

The actual story was phenomenal, though, and I look forward to reading some of the next books that Stephanie Queen plans to put out before the end of the year. I hope that those stories are as original and unique as this one.

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