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12 essential items your kitchen needs to assist your health journey

So many people want to 'get healthy' or 'healthier' which is awesome! And I love being able to guide and assist you to make better food choices and how to incorporate exercise into your lives because it makes such a difference. BUT, I think most importantly, you need to start getting real in the kitchen. All good and well you want to eat better and start cooking more, but if you don't have all the essentials already in your kitchen, you won't find it easy to put on your chefs hat and cook away!

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Its so easy to get trapped into thinking we need loads of fancy equipment in order for us to be the awesome chefs that we are. This is in fact incorrect. Do you think the best chefs in the world rely on loads of fancy fiddly gadgets to prepare their meals? No way!

Below I have listed some kitchen essentials you can invest in (if you haven't already) to get started:

  1. A decent ceramic knife set - there is nothing more frustrating than going to cut your onion and veggies only to discover your knife is blunt. Trust me, you will give up straight away!
  2. Chopping boards. I have a plastic one for meats and a wooden one for everything else
  3. Good quality heavy based pot set, preferably with a steamer that fits at least one pot, and should include at least 3 pots (small, medium and large) all with lids
  4. Small or medium heavy based skillet/frying pan
  5. Heavy based medium or large stainless steal frying pan with lid
  6. 1-2 good quality baking trays
  7. Good quality blender or hand held mixer
  8. Grater and or zester - you will thank me later
  9. Glass baking dish either square or round - if you want to cook or re-heat anything in the oven, this will be your best friend
  10. Decent sized stainless steal, ceramic or glass mixing bowls (I own one)
  11. Glass measuring jugs - Pyrex are great and you can get them from the supermarket
  12. Trusty implements wooden spoons, spatulas, tongs, pancake flipper (so important)!

If you are fortunate enough to own a Thermomix, lucky you! You won't require any extra gadgets that will clutter up your kitchen bench or take up space in your cupboards. If, like me, you do not own one, some optional extras you may wish to invest in are as follows:

  • Slow Cooker you can get these cheap! This is actually an essential of mine but it's not for everyone so I have added it in the optional section
  • Good quality blender I love mine and use it quite a lot. I don't own a Vitamix or a Blendtec blender (these are quite expensive). Instead I invested in an Omniblend which is half the price and just as good! I make smoothies, mash, nutbutters, nut meals, soups and more in my blender.
  • Muffin trays - great for making healthy snacks for the kids (and the grown up kids!)
  • Brownie/slice tins - also great for making frittatas
  • Spirooli/spiraliser - think zucchini and sweet potato noodles!
  • Salad Spinner I love mine but there are alternatives to drying salad if you don't have one of these

When you make the decision to implement healthier practices and habits in your life, be aware that it will be a slow and steady process with a lot of trial and error. Make small changes, start with the easy things and slowly introduce anything that you are unsure about. I encourage my clients to buy one or two new items each week during their weekly shop, such as a new vegetable or some new herbs and spices, and experiment. Perhaps you can choose one new recipe (make sure it's easy) and give it a go.

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