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Truly Nolen’s Green Side

At Truly Nolen, our job is to protect your home or business from pests, unsanitary conditions and disease vectors. But we take seriously our responsibility to the balanced ecology of your property and the protection of the environment in the very community where we live and work.

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We’ve taken progressive steps in our practices and protocols to minimize our impact on the environment, while providing a healthy lifestyle free of pests for your family, friends, customers and pets. Our commitment to the environment and our clients is supported by our best-in-class, innovated choices in strategic approach and material application.

Our Green Side goes well beyond the products we use to address and prevent infestations. Our commitment is supported operationally by route modification, strategic customer concentration reducing fuel consumption, paperless work flows and other efficiency measures that support sustainability.

Truly Nolen has performed tremendous research to identify the highest performing, naturally occurring, botanical-based pest control products available. We continue to modify our protocols to not only address changes in pest pressure and behavior through our Four Season’s Pest Management Program but have incorporated effective naturally occurring products into our overall service prescriptions and protocols. Our testing has proven that naturally occurring materials not only perform, but in many cases best the results of pest control materials commonly used today.

You are the ultimate judge of our quality, so your satisfaction will always be guaranteed and the safety of your family, friends and pets will always be the driving factor in our business practices.

A Selection of Truly Nolen’s Friendly (yet effective!) Pest Control Materials

  • Pyrethrins: Derived from Chrysanthemum flowers and an incredibly effective botanical repellent
  • Abamectin: A natural soil bacterium that halts egg production in ants and paralyzes insects and mites
  • Diatomaceous Earth: A natural soft sedimentary rock found in household products which desiccates many household pests
  • Boron: A natural salt which disrupts insect digestion
  • Geranium Oil, Peppers and Enzymes: Spices and natural oils are effectively used to disrupt and repel many household and commercial pests and enzymes are an effective bio-remediation to treat conditions ideal for pest infestation and reproduction

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Diatomaceous Earth

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